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If you're a fast growing transformational coach or course creator looking to invest in Facebook ads, you're in the right place!

No Junior account managers

Small, By Design.

Lot of agencies charge 5K per month and then pass you off to a junior account manager. That's not what happens here. Working with me means you get ME in your ad account and you get Kosnatu for all things admin and client care. If you decide we're the right fit for you, you won't need to worry about being passed off to another account manager while working with us.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Not Just a Traffic Solution

Most agencies are trained to scale funnels, not fix them. This is why so many business owners have horror stories of losing tens of thousands of dollars with an agency.Traffic solutions don't solve offer problems (please read that again). This is why the majority of our time is spent testing and optimizing the entire funnel, not just the ads.

Performance Based Pricing

Fair Contracts

No, we're not going to set up your whole funnel for free and only bill you when the ROI comes in (no one is really doing that, by the way) but we do structure our contracts fairly so that we're strongly incentivized to get you results.

We Give Back More Than Most


If there's a shortcut to happiness, this is it. We're currently giving at least 10% of our revenue to the National Pediatric Cancer Foundation, Ronald Mcdonald House Charities, and the Against Malaria Foundation where every $2 donated protects 2 people from Malaria. 🫶

Get to know me a little better


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Kaitlyn Ryan


Mom, Facebook Marketing Strategist, CRO specialist, data nerd. Enthusiastic partner to 7 figure brands and agencies looking to create ads, emails and pages their people love.

Kosnatu Bangura

Client Care specialist

The kindest most organized person you'll ever meet. She's my right hand in all things onboarding and client care.

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