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I am not currently taking on any more full scale, retainer clients. The work described below is completed as a one-off project with ongoing consultation packages available as needed. If you need an account manager for larger scale work, I'd be happy to introduce you to other exceptional marketers in the industry.

HEY! I'm Kaitlyn

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If you're a fast growing, culture changing coach looking to grow an engaged email list with ads (and not freebies), you're in the right place.


Build Real Community

Don't muddy the waters of your email list with a freebie. It's the #1 reason email marketing feels hard for so many creators these days. Ditch the freebies and grow your list intentionally with people who are opting into you and your message, full stop. This isn't about getting the cheapest cost per lead, it's about getting the highest earnings per lead and that happens when you find YOUR people and they happily consent to being in your world.

Slower, more personal marketing

Ads + Email = 🤩🤩

Blunt force, sell-fast marketing tactics are expensive, short sighted, and unsustainable for most businesses. Invest in high quality list growth and email marketing will be your most profitable marketing channel by far. And unlike your social media channels, you own this one. And while I love the ROI you get from email, I also love the feedback loop it creates in your business. When you grow your list this way, you'll never feel like you're speaking into the ether again.


Less Flash, More Cash

Trust me, I've been the brain and hands behind enough flashy funnels in my career to know what I'm talking about here. The simplest funnels are the most profitable ones. And the most effective starting place for paid traffic is always list building (without a freebie). The campaigns are simple, the volatility is low, and the need for ongoing monthly support from an ad agency is non-existent. You'll have a clean, engaged, revenue generating list of people who will become the heartbeat of your business without all the overhead that comes with more complicated ideas.


Find YOUR People

This is where I come in the most. Helping you craft your message so that you stand out in the newsfeed of YOUR people. Not because you're offering something juicy for free but because they resonate with what you stand for and what you have to offer. It's as simple and as complicated as that. The process of finding the most effective way to communicate your values in an ad without relying on a freebie to generate all the desire for you is the most interesting and rewarding work that we'll do together and it's also the most revenue generating work we'll do.

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Kaitlyn Ryan


Facebook marketing strategist, data nerd, and strategic partner to 7 figure brands. Rarely accepting retainer clients these days, but so excited to help 6 and sub 6-figure businesses find sustainable growth with paid traffic via one time projects and power hours.

Kosnatu Bangura

Client Services Superstar

The kindest and most organized person you'll ever meet. Kosnatu is one part executive assistant, one part client care specialist, and an all around superstar of a person. She is the magical force behind-the-scenes that makes everything at Kaitlyn and Co. run so smoothly.

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